Give a Zombie Movie a Home


Trouble Ahead!

The Undead

“Dieing to Get Funded!” Two yuppies venture out to the country to explore an opportunity away from their stressful city life. After driving several hours with no communication to the civilized world they find themse...

Meghan + Chainsaw = Carnage

Naked Zombie Girl

“Nudist Caught Short in Zombie Shocker!” Stage Funding – Indiegogo – This project is seeking $10,000. Some scenes have been shot but the film has run out of cash. Review If a naked girl hacking at zombies with a...

Seed To Son

Seed To Son

Tom doesn’t really remember his father, Frank, since his parents separated when he was very young. But now Tom will be spending the next few days with Frank who has gained visitation rights. Although Frank’s house w...