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Featured projects funding status.

Current Funding Status – 20/08/2013

Date: 20/08/2013 Current status of featured projects. Fire City is closing on the end and is funded! We have added Fear Clinic, Angel of Darkness and Awesome SciFi Action Horror movie. The short Seed to Son is coming to Indiego...

Worldwide Horror Charts

Worldwide Horror Box Office – WE 16/08/2013

Worldwide Horror Box Office For the week ending 16th August 2013. The Conjuring continues with great holds and is opening to international markets which could see this movie reach for $200 million worldwide.


The Community, Stupid!

James Carville famously coined the phrase “The economy, stupid!” for Bill Clinton. Well maybe someone will remember that Invest In Zombies said “The community, stupid!” The key to successful Crowdfunding...


What the %$%£@#!! is Crowdfunding?

Welcome to our first article. Over the coming weeks we will build up a series of articles that will explain about crowdfunding and how to create a compelling campaign. What is it? Asking a crowd for funding. Crowdfunding has be...

The Conjuring

The Conjuring, Horrific Investment

The Conjuring scored another massive hit for horror this weekend by beating all comers to number one. Besting high profile animations in the process. The Conjuring will take an estimated $42 million by close on Sunday with numb...


Invest in Horror, Or Not Invest?

The film industry is undoubtedly an exciting and interesting investment opportunity but the unwary can very easily lose their shirt. For every film that makes big bucks there are hundreds that lose money. Investments can genera...