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Zoe Grisedale: She-Hulks ‘n Drumming

Posted August 26, 2013 by Stuart Wells in Articles
Zoe Grisedale

Interview with Zoe Grisedale

Zoe Grisedale is a talented musician, actor, model and comedian. And agreed to answer a few questions to help support her new role in the film The Landlady where she joins Scream Queen legend Caroline Munro.

IIZ: How did you get to this point? Have you lived/ stayed in any interesting places? Ever squatted in a Toilet factory?

Zoe: I never squatted a toilet factory. I’ve lived in some pretty interesting places, but always come back to Dalston.

IIZ: Do you have any influences/ heroes both musically and acting?

"I love drumming more than anything in the world." Zoe.

“I love drumming more than anything in the world.” Zoe.

Zoe: Yes, lots I think music heroes more than acting because when someone’s a good actor you forget who they are and just believe. Music influences list would fill your inbox… Ari Up, Patti Smith, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Janes Addiction, Smashing pumpkins, Bikini Kill…Janis Joplin..Black Sabbath, Beastie Boys..Kathleen Hanna

IIZ: There is a list somewhere of the world most difficult and chaotic professions and you have chosen the top four: Acting, Drumming, Modelling or Comedy.

Zoe: ha ha that doesn’t surprise me! 

IIZ: Was this always the route? 

Zoe: No, i never plan anything, I was running a vintage clothes market stall after graduation with a non straight to job degree.. and  I got picked up for modelling, you earned a lot more in a day modelling than I ever did on a freezing cold market stall so i just fell into that (I’d rather trade with lentils tbh but money still seems to be the favoured currency).

I’m a clown and like making people laugh which isn’t a trait that is valued as a model and I got worried my brain would fall out of my arse so I started writing comedy to entertain myself and ya know cheap thrills ‘n’ all, thought yeah i’m gonna do this on stage in front of people, once you get over the fear its actually really cathartic!! (maybe not for the audience ha ha!) Hitting stuff is also cathartic.. Is there a theme here?

IIZ: Are you equally passionate for all or do you have a particular passion?

Zoe: I love drumming more than anything in the world and its a lot easier than getting on stage every night and trying to make people laugh, i get bored easily and found telling the same jokes tiresome, so i would push myself to try and come up with new material all the time, which could often end in disaster esp if you’re gigging 3 times a week!! As long as I’m entertaining someone I’m happy, even if it’s just myself ;)

IIZ: Would your band-mates/ friends describe you as an exhibitionist?

Zoe: Probably, I’m very noisy and hyperactive but i don’t care if anyone is watching or listening, I’m that mental when I’m on my own too!

IIZ: You appear to enjoy a high profile. How do you feel about

Zoe: Do I? Apart from the fact you can hear me laughing from down the street I feel i maintain a rather normal profile.

IIZ: You have been in a number of horror films is this a genre you particularly enjoy? Or one you have fallen into? Any particular favourites?

Zoe: Rope is my all time favourite horror and then prob The Fly (original of course) I cried ha ha! I like playing fun characters and conjuring emotion so horror is great for that lots of screaming and running, i like running!

Zoe Grisedale

Zoe Grisedale


IIZ: Do you have any strong views on the representation of women in horror? Do you have any aspirations to be the next Jessica Cameron?

Zoe: Funnily enough i don’t really watch the horror genre I’ve got a rather over active imagination and usually scare myself silly, (more often than not because I’m hiding behind a pillow listening and making it up instead if actually watching. I love Hitchcock though and the fear he arouses is just enough for me.

I’d prefer women to be the sadistic ones and not the ones murdered and worse… then I’d have loads more fun and get to fight massive men and rip out their jugulars-yeah! or have an army of super hard militant she hulks, that I’ve been growing and training in a cave and now they are full grown I’m setting them loose on the world.. bigots beware! mwah ha ha!

IIZ: Onto the film at hand. Can you tell us about The Landlady? What role do you play? How did you get involved?

Rory from Raindance approached me and I loved the idea, its tongue in cheek and gruesome… it’s great getting to drum in a film too rah! More please :)

IIZ: The number of roles you are playing seems to be on an upswing. Is acting taking up more and more time? Does the madness of Hollywood interest you? Is your acting career putting pressure on the band? 

Zoe: ha ha ha I wish some of that was true. but No, no and no.

IIZ: How is Zoetrope?

Zoe: Noisy, Argumentative, Fun.

IIZ: I noticed your support for Pussy Riot. Are you generally politically minded? Do you have any advice or philosophy?

Zoe: yes very much so, I studied politics at uni and am a massive shouter about what i believe in and love a good debate, people don’t seem to stand up for what they think enough and just let a lot of politics wash over them, everything is political. (Thanks Skin) I love a good debate too :)  

I’m a feminist who doesn’t mind taking their clothes off and I don’t think my body is for sale it’s mine to do as I choose, I’m sure that would start a row with a few feminists! Bring it on, discourse is the only way will we educate each other and learn ourselves and move forward. everything is worth the argument. Stay Angry.

IIZ: When do you feel the most alive?

Zoe: When laughing loudly with my friends or looking into my love’s eyes.

IIZ: If we were holding this interview in the pub what would you be drinking?

Zoe: ALE. pint., if it’s late a single malt, no ice.

IIZ: There are many indie film makers our there who are looking for a self assured striking actor. What would they have to do to get your attention? would you get involved in any more crowdfunded films?

Zoe: If i liked the script and had the time yeah. I also really like the concept of crowdfunded films, it’s a good way of putting power in the peoples hands. But it’s not as trendy as having *insert coolest film star of the moment.. in and requires an interest in actual art making and not just celebrities. I’m not anti-celebrity: If you are good at what you do I do think you should be celebrated, just most big names don’t work for art once they become big!

Thanks to Zoe who graciously answered our questions with individual style and an ability to provide classic quotes.

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