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Meghan Chadeayne, Naked Zombie Girl

Posted August 11, 2013 by Stuart Wells in Articles
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At IIZ our raison d’etre is assist film makers to breakthrough and as a new actor Meghan is on the same journey. Currently Meghan is shooting the titular role in “Naked Zombie Girl”. A short film that Hectic Films are seeking funding on Indiegogo for. Let’s get to the interview.

“Meghan Chadeayne Talks Life, Zombies and Other Things.”

Megan Chadeayne

Megan Chadeayne


IIZ: What interested you in NZG? Did you find the role a challenge and how?

Meghan: Rickey Bird Jr tossed the idea at me on the set of the first movie I was acting in, a horror/triller feature called ‘Trespass Into Terror‘. We were preparing for a scene and he basically pitched the idea to me and I was game. I had no clue how he intended to pull it off, but I’ve always believed in the magic Hectic Films creates and I put my faith in that. The challenging part for me was portraying emotion and feelings with just body language and my facial expressions. The film solely relies on that and I knew I had to bring my ‘A’ game.

IIZ: For us NZG has been a perplexing project. We have what is a classic zombie survival short with good production values. A project from a known production company. The main character is a beautiful capable strong female character. However the campaign has failed to ignite and is currently languishing. Is it because of the decision to make the main character naked for most of the film? Or that exploitation pictures are deeply unpopular?

Meghan: I truly feel this is a very open minded film. You have to be a horror/ zombie/ grindhouse fan to appreciate it. The fact my character is naked is more or less a different spin on the normal zombie story line, and I personally feel that with the grindhouse feel we went for, it ties right in.

IIZ: You are fairly new and did the option of baring it all phase you?

Meghan: I am pretty new to the Indie scene, and I had to consider how professionally it would affect my career and how my fan base would take it. I get cast as the “girl next door” type a lot with a sexy flair. However, I wanted the challenge and I knew Nick Reisinger and Rickey would come up with a way to keep me from being fully exposed. Once the blood and other goodies were in place, I felt like I was walking around set clothed and was pretty comfortable about it. When I take on a project I give my everything that’s needed, so I knew the guidelines when I agreed.

IIZ: How has working with Hectic on NZG been?

Meghan: Hectic Films is a close knit family. I met a lot of very cool and talented people working with them. Rickey and Rachel always made sure I was comfortable on set and tried to keep my scenes very much secured from the public and

Meghan Pearls

Meghan Pearls

non-necessary eyes. I would definitely jump onto another project with them in a heartbeat.

IIZ: You are starting out and have thrown yourself into a gore soaked zombie film. Are horror films favorites of yours?

Meghan: My first love with Nightmare on Elm Street, but I have a super soft spot for any Occult horror films dealing with demons or paranormal. I love blood and gore, but something about the true unknown always tickles my fancy.

IIZ: What movies would you love to be involved in?

Meghan: After all these current horror and action films, I’d love to do a comedy. My next project however,’Any Which Way They Come’, is an action flick based off of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Every Which Way But Loose’, the director of that film, James Fargo, just signed on and I can’t wait to do all the stunts and fights my character has to pull off.

IIZ: We have read your biography and several things piqued my interested; you stated that the United States Navy gave you a gateway to your true dreams and start building a portfolio. Normally one would not associate the life of a structural aviation engineer with that of model/ actor. How has being a former naval engineer assisted you?

Meghan: The Navy really opened doorways for me, I was a girl who came from a one stop light town. It brought me out to California and gave me a chance to build a kick ass portfolio and drive myself into the film scene. The Navy gave me stability and a family. Most of my biggest supporters are people I’ve served with on deployment or were in my unit. I couldn’t have done half of what I’ve done so far without their support. It also gives me an edge on set, I’m a hands on girl, but I have a lot of worldly travel experience to pull emotionally from when I need too.

IIZ: You are a model, a former engineer, actor and, from your biography, a sometime grease monkey? What is your first love and passion?

Meghan: Oddly enough, my true passion is art. I was an art major in college and nothing makes me happier than being with a fresh pad of paper and some graphite. It’s all about artistic release and I love acting just for that. My father owns a auto body shop so I’ve been around cars since I was younger, being an Aviation Mechanic got me more familiar with tools, and hey, if you can work on jets, cars aren’t that bad!

IIZ: We would like to ask you about the difficulties for female actors and the availability of meaningful roles. But will stick with how you would like your career to develop and whether modelling is still an important part of the mix?

Meghan: Being a female actor is a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, you truly have to stand out. Luckily for me my modeling and acting careers blend with each other and I can pull from a wide range of resources. I’m not a stick thin girl, I have curves and I know how to use them. Right now my main focus is on acting, but I won’t just stop modeling either. I’m all about breaking barriers and boundaries.

IIZ: What is normal week like for a barrier breaking actor and when it all gets too much how do you chill out?

Meghan Rocking Out

Meghan Rocking Out

Meghan: A normal week for me was usually in uniform hauling tools for work on a piece of gear for a jet. Now that I’m out I’m using more of my free time to focus on future projects. When spending hours upon hours on set gets too much, I normally just sit on my couch with my Best friend, Roommate, and Amazing Photographer, Charlie Bones. We veg out and watch Netflix if we’re not sweating it out at the gym. I also have a super supportive guy whom has been along for the ride since day one, I sincerely appreciate his dedication. It can’t be easy watching your girl run around naked on film.

IIZ: We have a number of indie producers out there trying to get actors to take on their projects what do they have to do to get you interested?

Meghan: A gripping script. I’m one of those avid deep thinkers who look up song lyrics before I listen to a song. So if I read a captivating script, I’m all in. It all starts with the basics, throw me a kick ass character and that’s always a plus!

IIZ: We wish you luck with your future roles, if we can assist in anyway just drop us an email.

Meghan: Thank you so much for your time. You guys are awesome for featuring me, and if there’s anything I can ever do for you, just let me know. Thanks again!

 Meghan Chadeayne is a genuine actor who is at home on camera drenched in blood, what more could any horror director want. We wish her the best for the future and hopefully we will be able to write a follow up as her career develops.

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