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Rachelle Hoffman

Posted August 30, 2013 by Stuart Wells in Articles
Rachelle Hoffman

Rachelle Hoffman is the operator of Ritual Addiction Tattoo, she is a model  and she is an aspiring scream queen. Her love of horror is obvious: sporting many tattoos and having her own shrine to horror. We interviewed her in support of Angel of Darkness.

IIZ: You seem to be a  capable person who is achieving and has achieved a lot. There must be an interesting story here. How did you get to this point?

Rachelle: Getting to this point it has been an interesting road. I grew up with a loving family, however most of them were addicts to either alcohol, drugs, partying. I’ve seen and been through a lot that most kids will never see. However, I would not change it because it made me who I am today, it kept me on a good path and helped keep me motivated.

There were times we had to struggle to make ends meet, and we worked together as a family to make things happen.

IIZ: You worked hard then and you work hard now. Time must be your enemy: you are a mum, a business woman, a model, a prolific facebooker and now an aspiring Scream Queen. Are days long enough for you? How do you find the time?Rachelle Hoffman

Rachelle: I could use more time in day for sure!!! I have always kept myself busy so after awhile it seems to just come naturally. I somehow find the time to fit everything in. Not saying I am not exhausted by the end of the week, but I get things done ha ha. I just make sure to prioritize and get things done as promptly as I can so I don’t get too behind, that seems to be the key for me, falling behind is my real enemy.

IIZ: You have a Gothic image, amazing tattoos, a horror shrine and you love Freddy. What were your thoughts on the remake? But what is it that makes you laugh?

Rachelle: I hated the remake so much maybe the worst movie i have ever seen, ha ha. Besides all the horror movies, my favorite thing in the world is Disneyland… always a good laugh there, never really a bad time either, its like my second home. I am also a huge fan of good comedy movies, my son always makes me laugh as well.

IIZ: It appears that you love publicity and court it through Facebook. Where do you get away? What do you do to relax?

Rachelle: I have to definitely turn off the phone to get any relax time ha ha.

My get away would also have to be Disneyland, its my get away for sure.

Forget about all the work I have to get done just enjoy my time there. In order for me to relax I have to leave state otherwise I am too worried about what is going on at the shop or what I have to get done at home.

IIZ: Its a grey morning, rain dashing the windows. You have had a late/heavy night. What motivates you to get up and get into the day?

Rachelle: The fact that i just cant sit around helps me get up and motivates me. Not wanting to fall behind is also a big factor, so keeping that in mind I will get up even if I have to drag myself out of bed ha ha.

IIZ: We are intrigued about this film and what it will be like. How did the opportunity to star in Angel of Darkness come about? What is it about this role that gets you excited?

Rachelle HoffmanRachelle: I did a short little trailer for a comic book series with one of my photographers, he made it into a trailer for a mini series he is doing and he posted it online. after that I was contacted my tomcat films asking me if I had ever acted or would be interested in it. I never really thought about it, but the fact that it was a horror movie caught my interest right away, being such a huge fan I was super excited for the opportunity and am just excited to see how it goes.

IIZ: As a newcomer to feature films are you nervous? Or do you relish the challenge? Does anything make you nervous?

Rachelle: Oh I am super nervous for sure ha ha. I am looking forward to the challenge though, excited at the same time. I think I will enjoy doing it, once the nerves settle. I remember being nervous for my first photo-shoots in the modelling world and now I can just walk in and do my thing with confidence. so I am hopeful that all goes well.

IIZ: What movie would you love to have been in? Or is there a story you would like to tell?

Rachelle: it would have been amazing to be in one of Rob Zombies films. Or any Wes Craven movies those are my favorites and ones that I grew up on.

IIZ: Will the film happen without Kickstarter?

Rachelle: I have not received final word on that yet, but i think so.

IIZ: When all this is done: the film is released. Where does Rachelle go from here? What else are you looking for from life?

Rachelle: The Tattoo industry is a huge part of my life as well.

I want to make a big name for myself in the tattoo modelling world

and open another shop and have them run smoothly on their own.

IIZ: There are many aspiring producers and directors out there how can they attract your attention? What will you look for in your next role?

Rachelle: I don’t know if I can really answer that yet. I would like to see if the acting world is really what I am in to, the small little features I have done I have loved. So I am sure it will be, like I said, the nerves will lessen after time. I am open to trying all different kinds of things, I like to do a variety. Of course horror is my love and will rarely ever be able to turn that down ha ha.

Thanks to Rachelle for making time. Check out her Kickstarter campaign or the links below. We will be re-posting our pitch review for Angel of Darkness tomorrow.

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