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Christy Keller Interview

Posted September 11, 2013 by Stuart Wells in Articles
Christy Keller

Christy Keller has signed on to Bloody Bobby. She is fresh from completing ‘Death Factory‘ and her own short film ‘Passage of Time‘. So we caught up with this beautiful and talented actor and asked a few questions.

IIZ: You have an interesting back story: Winner at Miss San Antonio, star of commercials and then the shift to LA. Sounds like a whirlwind adventure. Does it feel like that?

Christy: Well, when you put it that way, it kinda does. But it’s all happened over the course of many years with a lot of regular life and college and day jobs in between, so it’s been pretty normal actually. But it is cool to look back and see how I’ve come along.

IIZ: Yeah you have moved from adverts into features and also written and shot your own short. Your roles are also diverse: comedies, fantasy and dramas. Is it your intention to keep mixing it up?

Christy: Yes! I love to work on all kinds of stuff. I’ve even done a Western, which was super fun. I’d hate to be typecast in a certain genre, so I think it’s important to keep it diverse. It’s all fun and rewarding in different ways. And to be good atChristy Keller comedy can only help you in dramatic roles, and vice versa. They are not as separate as people might think.

IIZ: How does that fit in with horror? You have just completed ‘Death Factory’ and have announced your intention to star in ‘Bloody Bobby’: Back to back horror. Any particular reason? Is horror a genre you love? Do you have any favorites?

Christy: Honestly, that’s just what I happened to get cast in. I do love horror, but I’m more of a fan of the psychological ones that make you imagine the really scary things than just graphic violence.

My all time favorite horror movie is the 1963 “The Haunting” (not to be confused with the horrible remake from the 90′s (sorry, I know that makes me sound like a hipster, sorry he he)). My dad showed me that movie when I was 12, and he told me it had scared HIM when HE was 12, so that was a great set up. I eventually read the novel it’s based on, and that is even better. I love good adaptations of novels, and I think the dynamic they set up between mental illness vs. real haunting is fascinating.

I also really liked the 1st Paranormal Activity, and the Spanish Espinazo del Diablo and El Orfanato. And a Korean movie called A Tale of Two Sisters.

IIZ: Bloody Bobby, of course, is currently being crowdfunded. Did this make it difficult to commit to? Or is there confidence that the film will happen regardless?

Christy: It just makes it a little different because it’s hard to know exactly how the schedule will play out, but that’s true of a lot of lower budget things. I’m confident that it will get funded, and I’m excited to make it happen.

IIZ: Can you tell us about the film and your role in it? How involved will you be in the campaign?

Christy: I will play the role of Tiffany, the cousin of the main character. Tiffany is kinda wacky and fun and sexually bold, but she is also a loyal friend and cousin. She tries to get her cousin to loosen up and chill out.  I have already acted in a little fund raiser “pajama party” video, and I will continue to help with the campaign by trying to get people I know involved and going to events to help get the word out.

IIZ: You have also finished the short, Passage of Time, which you wrote and co-directed. Is this a route you would like to take, writing and directing? It sounds somewhat ‘Walter Mitty’, can you tell us about it? And how we will be able to see it?

Christy: I do love writing, but I’m not sure about directing. I tend to be hyper-focused, which is good for writing and acting. But for directing you have to be able to think about a lot of stuff and once, and that’s not my cup of tea. Which was a great thing to learn from Passage. I guess maybe it is a little Walter Mitty… I never thought of that. Basically I play a girl who is super OCD about banal things, but feels bad because all she does is work and she doesn’t know how to have fun or be creative. When a plumber comes by to fix her sink, he tells her an incredible story about the plasticity of time, which she totally believes, but did it really happen or did she only imagine it?

I just found out this week that Passage made it into the Tucson Film Festival, so it will premiere there in October. Then I will probably put it up on my YouTube channel ckckrox, assuming it doesn’t get into any more fests.

IIZ: A lot of the films you have been in have fantasy elements and Passage of Time is listed as a fantasy. Is fantasy important to you? Have you got more projects that you are working on?

Bloody Bobby

Bloody Bobby

Christy: I do enjoy fantasy, and particularly the idea of trying to find something fantasy-like in everyday life. I am now working on trying to get a screenplay produced that I adapted from the sci-fi novel Vacuum Flowers by Michael Swanwick. (I’d love to play the lead character, too.) It’s a cyber-punk psychological adventure story set in the future in space, but there are definitely some fantasy elements in there.

IIZ: Can you tell us a little about you – Christy in her own words? Have any favorite movies or bands? How do you relax/ spend your free time?

Christy: Well, I grew up in Mexico until I was 12 since my parents were missionaries with the Catholic church, so there’s that. I also have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I’ve haven’t done too much with it, but it taught me how to think and design in a very technical way, which has really helped out day-job wise. I’ve been working for American Apparel pretty much since I moved to LA. I formerly designed stores (architecturally) and managed construction and maintenance. Now I work part time in the audio department designing speaker systems. But pretty much any American Apparel worldwide opened between 2008 and 2012, I had a hand in designing, which is a lot. I do enjoy design, and it feels kinda cool to think something I made is real out there.

My favorite all time movie is probably Baz Lurman’s Romeo and Juliet. I’m also a big Kubrick fan, especially Dr Strangelove and 2001. And anything by Wes Anderson and the Coen brothers I love. I also really like sketch comedy like Monty Python, Little Britain, Mitchell and Webb, the Whitest Kids You Know, the Kids in the Hall, etc. I’m a big nerd for things like Southpark and Futurama and American Dad.

Favorite all time band, Radiohead. Been listening lately to Tune Yards, Paul Simon, LCD Soundsystem, and whatever my iPod’s shuffle function wants me to hear.

Free time? What’s that? Hehe. Mostly I just clean my house and try to catch up on stuff (yes, I’m kinda OCD like my character in Passage :) . But I do enjoy bike rides with my boyfriend, and we try to find time to go hiking and camping. And getting drunk is sometimes nice.

IIZ: Thanks for you time we wish you luck and hope Bloody Bobby gets funded.


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